Active Broadband Networks

Active Broadband Networks is the emerging leader in software-defined networking and network function virtualization for broadband service providers, allowing operators to leverage these emerging technologies today to streamline operations, introduce new services and applications, and manage and meet customers’ QoE needs while addressing capital and operating costs.

Our products focus on enabling our customers to provide exceptional broadband service by leveraging software and server technology to deliver a next-generation cloud-based service infrastructure in addition to enabling software-defined services on legacy access infrastructures.

Active Broadband Networks is one of the few companies leading in the transition to software and server economics for broadband service providers. Software and server economics fundamentally change the methodology employed by existing router vendors to develop high-capacity broadband edge equipment, by drastically reducing component, engineering, personnel, and financing costs. Active Broadband passes these benefits directly to our customers by providing alternative broadband edge solutions at lower prices. More than simply virtualizing existing products, we have re-imagined and redesigned the broadband edge, further addressing operational challenges and costs.

Founded in 2005, Active Broadband is an employee-owned company with a unique blend of core competencies, intellectual property and proven experience. Our products have been successfully deployed in networks supporting millions of customers by broadband providers in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Latin America

What's in a name

When Chris and Adam were looking for a name for the company, they recognized that fixed broadband access networks were very static environments, provisioned using CPE reboot, with a single service offered on a monthly subscription basis. We have championed efforts to make service dynamic, benefiting customers with broader choice and creating new revenue opportunities for operators. We believe that SDN and NFV will provide the technology that will achieve these objectives, making broadband networks "active".

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